As a member company to the Clasman Group, the Clasman Technology Ltd. was founded in 2011.  Its owners  and also its competent staff has many years of experience in general construction and technological assembly. From 2016, the scope of the Company, involved in assembly/construction/maintenance of industrial technology-mechanical engineering-pipelines-steel structures, has been broadened with electrical and control engineering activities.

We manage the architectural and specialised relevances of the projects either with our own staff or with the involvement of specialised partner companies.

We provide: 

  • Project management
  • Technological pipeline assembly
  • Technological system operation/maintenance
  • Maintenance engineering services

           - Planning

           - Project management/tender consulting

           - General construction of industrial investments

           - General construction in food industry

           - Gas pipeline constructio

What distinguishes us is our innovative approach, consistent business practice, prompt response to our Customers’ requirements, proactive attitude and flexibility.

We not only enhance the effectiveness of our Customers, but also reduce their costs. Moreover, with our diverse knowledge and many years of experience, we help them optimalizing their operational results.