The „Covid-19” pandemic has rearranged our habitual routine in every aspect: our everyday life, our relationships in terms of work-society-interpersonal connections. On a global level, we were forced to face challenges we have never experienced before. Safety has never been of such importance than it is recently. Disinfection, together with the prevention of the spread of diseases are crucial now. The disinfectant gate, manufactured by our Company, eliminates the spread of pandemic diseases, and, at the same time, facilitates a controlled entry procedure, which is of utmost importance now.

In just 4-6 seconds, the disinfectant equipment kills viruses and bacteria being present on the clothing, the skin and the shoes – thus preventing further infections, and, weakening the impact of an eventual ongoing pandemic wave. „Covid-19” is not the only virus against which the equipment is to apply: by its environment- and ECO friendly disinfection method, the case number may be significantly reduced even in a flu season. Moreover, the equipment can be connected to our Mask check and body thermometer terminal.

HAD Body surface disinfectant equipment


  • Contactless disinfection on the entire body surface.
  • Effective against viruses and pathogens (Covid-19, Influenza, SARS, Ebola, etc.).
  • Separate disinfection on the hands.
  • Control of entry gates and turnstiles.
  • On request, it can be integrated with entry control systems.
  • Easy to install, no mounting is required.
  • Compact design: it can be transported in elevators as well.
  • Barrier-free: disabled ones can also pass it by wheelchair.
  • Place of application: indoors, no draught.
  • Customized sizing is available.

The main features of the Safety and disinfectant gate:

  • Modes of operation:
    Normal: disinfection for one person passing.
    Continuous: disinfection for a large number of passers (e.g. mass entry of factory workers).
    In case of both modes: counting the occasions of disinfection/passing.
  • 360-degree-turn fog spraying with disinfectant.
  • Mask check.
  • Separate hand sanitizer dispenser (with refill).
  • Completely safe.
  • Easy to move (the fogging unit is equipped with wheels and carrying lugs).
  • Easy installation.
  • Adjustable spray time.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 230 V.
  • Gate passage size: width 96 cm x height 210 cm.
  • Space required for installation: width 166 x length 90 x height 215 cm.
  • Weight of the equipment: gate unit 80 kg, fogging unit 75 kg.
  • Fogging tank volume: 20 l.
  • Hourly output: 600 people, when in continuous mode.

Additional convenience features, extra functions

On request, HAD gates can later be equipped with the following functions - in addition to mask check, body temperature measurement and fog spray disinfection, so that the equipment itself shall serve multi-purposes:

  • Card reader, as well as RFID and NFC (mobile phone) reader for entry.
  • Face Recognition and Face Identification (GDPR compliance required).
  • Fingerprint reader (GDPR compliance required).
  • QR code management (entry permits, vaccination certificates, sports- and event tickets).
  • Connection to individual business management software (e.g. entry time, attendance report).
  • Traffic statistics (e.g. counting the occasions of passing and disinfections).

HAD Mask check and body thermometer terminal

Main features:

  • Body temperature measurement with mask wearing.
  • Thermometer accuracy: +/- 0.1 ˚C.
  • Contactless disinfection, as well as wrist thermometer.
  • On request, it can be operated with a computer programme.
  • Hungarian voice instructions.
  • Operating environment: for the body temperature sensor module: +10 °C to +30 °C.
  • Place of application: indoors, no draught.

HAD Item / Luggage / Product disinfectant equipment

Main features:

  • We adapted the disinfectant gate, developed and manufactured by us, for the disinfection of surfaces on various objects, devices and machines.
  • Software inspection, recognition and identification-tracking of objects are also parts of the services provided by the disinfectant gate.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 230 V.
  • Gate passage size: width 140 cm x height 210 cm.
  • Fogging tank volume: 30 l.
  • Hourly output: max. 240 disinfections.

HAD Mobile room disinfectant equipment

Main features:

  • Effectively disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces and also airborne particles.
  • As the equipment generates a dry process (dry fog), its application is feasible also in places where microelectronic devices are present:  the application of the equipment does not lead to short circuit.
  • Stain-free!
  • Even in clean rooms!
  • This hygienic procedure helps to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and allergy, and also to remove pathogens, viruses, bacteria and parasites.

Recommended applications:

  • Motor vehicles (taxi, ambulance, fire truck, bus, tram, etc.).
  • Smaller rooms, warehouses.
  • Office tables, objects.
  • Hard-to-reach places.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 230 V.
  • Size: length 70 cm x width 55 cm x height 80 cm.
  • Equipment weight: 45 kg.
  • Fogging tank volume: 6 l.

HAD Truck and passenger car disinfectant equipment

Main features:

  • The automotive disinfectant equipment, developed and manufactured by us, has been adapted to disinfect the surfaces of various vehicles.
  • As the installation is fixed, this setting requires prior consultation.

Technical parameters:

  • Operating voltage: 400 V.
  • Gate passage size: width 320 cm x height 450 cm.
  • Fogging tank volume: 200 l.
  • Hourly output: maximally 60 drive-through.


Main features:

  • Kills all currently known viruses and bacteria (including: Covid-19, HIV, Ebola, HBV, HCV, MurineNoro, Adeno, H1N1, Influenza, Zika, Pseudomonasaeruginosa, Legionella, Salmonella enterica, Listeria, Staphylococcusaureus, Rota H5N1 avian influenza, Escherichia coli, etc.).
  • Destroys fungi, mold, algae.
  • Short exposure time.
  • Does not damage disinfected surfaces, tools, textiles.
  • Higher cost-effectiveness in terms of cleanliness and disinfection: it removes limescale, biofilm and other contaminants as well.
  • Does not require rinsing when applied on food-contact surfaces.
  • 100% degradable, environment- skin and surface friendly, pH neutral.
  • The product is not subject to ADR.
  • Safe use in terms of fire- and occupational safety.
  • No adverse effects on the environment.