Industrial Services

Project management

It is our utmost priority to be such a manufacturing partner for our Customers right at the early stage of planning, who has a comprehensive oversight of the whole process and has a clear vision of the final result. Such a partner knows each work procedure and detects potential failures right during planification. From planning to handover, we provide constructive proposals. We handle the eventual difficulties with expertise and flexibility. In every case, we provide the most resource- and cost-effective solutions to our Customers.

Technological pipeline assembly

Our Company has been engaged in the assembly of technological pipeline systems in several industrial sectors. We have competent solutions, each conform with the relevant standards, for the assembly of systems in the food industry, in the energy sector and also in the chemical industry.

Operation/maintenance of technological system

Periodical maintenance is of key importance to ensure constant product quality, as well as to retain and improve productivity. For factories and plans where there may not be a well-trained maintenance team employed, we have the capacity to provide solutions for occasional or regular maintenance. Our well-prepared staff guarantees the proper running of the machine park.

Maintenance engineering services

The scope of maintenance tasks is considerably complex, the task choice depends on the given site/situation. Our engineers, having been accustomed to overseeing and optimalizing maintenance activities-systems, provide reliable support. During maintenance, we can perform the following tasks, based on the given targets: cleaning, washing, lubricating, corrosion protection, storage, inspection, diagnostic inspection, continuous monitoring, repair, replacement of parts, renovation, transformation, rebuilding.

Engineering, construction, procurement

Planning & designing

During our work, special emphasis is devoted to planning&designing, that is: to the basis for all our further steps. Planning&designing is one of the most significant technological processes, which contributes to higher cost effectiveness for all participants. Not only several difficulties but also a lot of effort can be saved. We compile the plans, the technical drawings with the most advanced planning software programs.

Project management / tender consultation

We provide full-scope project management service to support greenfield and brownfield investments, as well as technological development concepts. On request, we provide also tender consulting to the Investor – with it, we can contribute to obtaining the necessary resources.

General construction for industrial investments

In addition to setting the project flow, we provide efficient management and also the optimization of tasks and costs. During the past years, we implemented facilities of several different types (workshops, warehouses, industrial halls) as turnkey projects. Our outstanding professional experience makes us a genuine expert in the field of general construction.

General construction for food industry

Food industry is a target segment regarding our projects. Having acquired relevant experience of several years, we have the capacity to meet our Customers’s demands.

To perform food industry implementations, specialist expertise is inevitable as per raw materials, manufacturing technology, food quality and safety. Our food industry projects are conform with the strict regulations. Our competent staff, having specialised qualification, takes utmost account of these strict requirements.

Gas pipeline construction

Our technicians are continuously involved in the manufacture and on-site assembly of pipelines ranging from small diameters for pulse output cables to several-meter-large diameters (blast furnace gas, coking chamber gas, natural gas). Applying different technological procedures (coated electrode, consumable electrode shielded gas arc welding, AWI /TIG/ welding, orbital welding), our competent welders perform seams conform with the strictest standards.